Give the best talent
the best reason to join
your team

Hiring for culture fit is hard. With Cultured, you can make it easy by
creating stories that give would-be employees a peek inside your
company & motivate the best to apply for a job.


Preserve Persistent
Memories in your

Don’t let bright office moments die. With
Cultured, you can curate the best moments
for your employees. What’s great is, these
stories attract like-minded hires, helping
you convert.

An engaging way to
communicate Perks &

As the right candidates look for jobs, they see
employee benefits as an important factor. With
Cultured, you can show the benefits your
employees enjoy in an engaging manner.

Get Feedback & Collect

With Cultured, you can show your upcoming
events and get users to subscribe for
recaps - stories of the event.


Stories you can tell